Are you a



ready to be your most clear,

confident, accomplished self?

This is your time.

You are at a turning point.

You want MORE. To BE more,

And you are on fire to make it happen NOW,
no more waiting.

You just need help figuring out what’s next, 
and how the heck to get there.

It's time to AWAKEN your inner badass, IGNITE your purpose, 

The big chop ignites

a movement

Last summer when we were in the middle of the pandemic, I was in a panic because I knew there was a better than average chance that the multiple six-figure corporate contracts I’d served for years might not continue, which would leave a gigantic hole in my income, and essentially put me back at square one in my business.

I knew it was time—maybe past time—to take a serious look at how I might pivot or expand my work, if necessary.

But I was so tired and anxious from all the worry around Covid that I didn’t feel like I had it in me to start something new, so instead I let the lack of clarity and confidence paralyze me: rather than explore real options, I would just sit and daydream of teaching wedding couples their first dance, or becoming a full time artist, or selling everything, buying a motorhome and living off my savings until social security could kick in.

None of those options felt like my heart’s desire, but the internal confusion was so loud, I couldn’t access my intuition about what to do next.

fast forward

So I sat with the anxiety and uncertainty and worry, hoping and praying like crazy that my answers would come.

Meanwhile, I was in the midst of a personal rebirth of sorts, allowing my natural silver hair to grow out, after covering it long after I needed or wanted to, held back for years by the mistaken belief that to “go gray” was to grow old overnight, and god forbid I do anything that might rock my relevance.

The good news about covid (if you could call it that) is that everyone was so distracted by their own concerns that no one had time to worry about what color my hair is, so I said “Let’s let this silver flag fly!” which, oddly, was exactly the bold move I needed to set me AND my dreams free.

The thing is, the same week I was going in for “the big chop” to cut the remaining dye out of my hair, I was in a meeting with other entrepreneurs talking about the effect of the pandemic on our businesses, and what we were each planning to do about it.

When it came my turn, I said, “If I could do anything, I would work with badass women around the world who have a kick ass vision for their life, and bring them together so they can cheer each other on in bringing those visions to life……that’s what I would do.”

It was a beautiful moment of truth that broke through my paralysis, and within 24 hours Badass Babes™ was born. 

We are now a worldwide community of extraordinary women who gather to grow, share, celebrate, and support each other in awakening our inner badass, igniting our purpose, and unleashing our passion and vision.

So for the Badass Babe who feels like she’s at a turning point in her life and longs to come back to the amazing creature she’s always been, and find the clarity and confidence to point that exceptional light toward what matters to her most, now and next…Badass Babes™ is for you.

This is what it means 
to be a badass babe:

Celebrating who we are, owning our “stuff,” and moving powerfully forward to make our impact on the world.

Who you are

You are a badass Babe If...

  • Your desire for more isn’t a MAYBE but a MUST.
  • You won’t settle for less than what you feel called to.
  • You’re willing and determined to raise the stakes for your life, to be and live your best.
  • You are willing to do whatever it takes to bring your dreams to life. (That’s badass.)
  • You are open to learning and possibility. To amazement and wonder.
  • You are done moving through life and ready to get IN it, fully engaged and alive.

Your priorities have changed:

What do I want to experience?
What is the legacy that
I want to leave?

What’s the imprint that I want to make on this planet?

You want more.

It could be relationships, health, work…

You may not even be really sure what the “more” is, and that’s ok.  It doesn’t even matter.

As a Badass Babes™ member, we’ll do that work together.

You’ll get super clear on what you want, define your vision, and confidently go after it with a proven process that delivers results faster than you can imagine, surrounded by a powerful sisterhood that’s got your back on the journey.

you want more

What are the signs that it’s your time to join Badass Babes™?

  • You want more for your life and are stuck. You want help figuring out what that is, what’s next, and how to get there.
  • Your body is signaling that your current path is OFF. Running my biz in NYC, I was successful but it started to wear on my ass. My hips felt 80, not 50.
  • You are in your own “middle.” You’ve had some cool ups as well as downs, and you are ready for your next level of personal development.
  • You’re not attached to your triggers. You’ve got them; you’re human! But you’re willing to own your part in them, and break through that.
  • You’re not wasting any more time. There’s less time ahead of you than behind, unless you live past 100+. So you want to get to what’s next for you as efficiently as possible.

Badass Babes™ refuse to play small. You want to feel alive and vibrant and confident and accomplished NOW!

About Jenifer Madson

So what makes me qualified to be your Badass Babes™ Squad Leader?

I’ve got crazy diverse life experience. Got sober when I was 23. Until then, I lied and stole and cheated my way through life to feed my addictions, and it almost killed me.

Went to school, quit, then went back again. Traveled all over the world.

My career has taken me from work as a professional dancer, to bartending, to singing in bars, to financial services.

I made $2M in 2 years selling dating service memberships. Then lost it all, down to the grand piano I rolled down the driveway to its new owner. Then made it all back again, for good this time.

Been an entrepreneur for 30 years, the last 17 as a leadership coach to executives at some of the most recognizable names in business.

I learned the power of mentorship and community early on.

What got me through to sobriety were the people who believed in me,
even when I didn’t believe in myself. 

I learned how to allow and receive even at my lowest point.

One of my biggest turning points was trusting that people truly cared about whether or not I lived and got happy. That was when I stopped letting my past dictate whether or not I was worthy of their love and the blessings of this universe. I followed their suggestions, started getting my life back, and eventually started sponsoring others in their recovery. 

I stopped running from my past and started running toward my bright new future!

I have immersed myself in life in crazy, fun, amazing ways. I’m not fearless, but fear has never been a reason for me not to try something if it felt like it was really aligned with who I most wanted to be in the world and how I most wanted to serve.

Now, I believe that it is my job to see more for people than they can see for themselves and—most importantly—to help them allow that.

I deeply know and trust the resilience of human beings.

Over 30+ years of AA meetings and 18 years of coaching people from all walks of life, and I’ve witnessed tens of thousands of people get out of their own way, be open and possible, and make life-changing shifts.

I’ve seen human potential in magical, marvelous action.

I don’t believe I have all the answers. I just have a high level of certainty that I either know the answer OR know where to get it. This nugget has carried me throughout my career and I pass it on to my Badass Babes™. I connect people with the resources they need.

I'm able to see things clearly, without jumping to judgement and reaction.

I cultivated loving detachment through my Buddhist practice and ongoing recovery work. It allows me to see things as they are, and not get whipped around so much by hope and fear, and then to be very strategic about what’s next.

I help people get out of judgment and into discernment and take the next right step, whatever it is.

I’ve administered 1,000+ hours of coaching, and helped people make extraordinary, life-changing shifts.

I’m able to get people to hone in on the 20% of things that will get them 80% of their results. In teaching my clients how to do this for themselves, they get exceptional results, faster than they have ever imagined.


Here are some of the results our members have Experienced...

Terry went from wondering when she’d ever retire, to her dream house and business in a year and a half.

When Terry (61) and I first started working together, she just wanted “to have a retirement that I can be excited about. I don’t know when that’s ever going to happen.” She had a pessimistic attitude that could throw people off.

She also had an extraordinary eye as a photographer. At that point, she would only go as far as saying, “Well, it might be nice, one day, if I could make a little money from my photography.”

So we started doing the work. Once Terry started breaking through to what was really holding her back, then we were in a better place to define what she truly wanted.

“I’d love to have a business with my photography where I could go to festivals and see my photography in people’s homes and businesses and galleries.”


She was still working her job. And then the company moved her into a different role and gave her position to someone else.

Well, this pissed her off all over again, and so we did the work all over again of trusting the universe and all that good stuff.

The next thing she knew, she was buying a house in Nebraska, her dream retirement house, in cash.

And now she works as a contractor for the same organization, which gives her more money, more flexibility to run her business, and allows her to live where she wants to live. The house is paid for, and the “retirement” she wanted is here.

All this happened in a year and a half.

I see the joy Terry has brought to other people’s lives and her own, as a result of being willing to be open, and let people in.

Terry was completely willing to challenge everything about how she was showing up in the world and her results accelerated accordingly.

A simple act of


and self-worth is


Marge went from wishing her car wouldn’t break down on the way to work she hated, to a job that paid almost double.

Marge is in her 50s. At the time we started, she was simply playing a really small game. “Well, I’d kind of like it if I had a car that didn’t break down on the way to work because I’ve really got to get to work. I mean, I hate my work, but at least it’s a job…” That kind of thing, can you relate? (I can!)

So we started looking at how she characterized things, and took that up a notch, to what was really a must for her.

And the next thing we knew, she was getting a job in customer service in a car dealership that paid almost double what she was making before.

From there she bought a car that wasn’t just reliable, it was almost new.

Then she got a new apartment with a roommate that she feels really great about. And now in this apartment, she bought a brand new sofa, her dream sofa. For the first time in her life, she had the money for it, she had the room for it, it wasn’t a hand-me-down, it wasn’t used, it was all hers.

I cry just thinking about it, simple things like that, right? It’s simple, but so big. A simple act of self-love and self-worth like that is life-changing.

What will be your life-changing move? Let’s find out.

Alisia turned around a failing restaurant in spite of massive challenges.

When I met her, Alisia and her husband had a little takeout Italian restaurant in North Carolina down by the beach. Serving dishes passed down in her husband’s family for generations, the reviews from people were amazing.

But the first picture she sent me of this restaurant had no one in the parking lot, in the middle of the day. They had no customers and were drowning in debt.

So we got to work. “Our dream really is to have a sit-down restaurant.”

No sooner did Alisia put that intention out there that they found the perfect space. She was unstoppable. Even amidst two hurricanes, a stroke, and COVID-19, they still ended up opening.

Now, they’re still open for takeout and delivery, and have turned part of the space into a deli/grocery with the specialty salamis and cheeses and breads they use in their restaurant.

They ended up moving through every obstacle because Alisia was no longer willing to believe that any of those challenges could be bigger than her vision.

What’s your vision? For what will you be unstoppable?

It matters greatly to me that women who want more for their lives find an easier path to it than they think exists.

It deeply moves me to see them light up and rediscover the brilliance that they thought was lost while they had their attention on other things.

It completely lights me up to see women get excited about their lives again and explore new possibilities for their career or relationships or health and be in a high state of possibility and solution.

It especially excites me to lead a community where badass women are so willing to support each other in this process.

This is why I created Badass Babes™.

To help you tap into your pure, innate power, and manifest your visions in the most fulfilling way possible, faster than you ever thought you could.

We’ll do it for one thing, and then we’ll do it again, for the next thing.
And the next. And the next...

What your membership in Badass BabeS™ includes:

The Badass Blueprint

You'll get crystal clear on the vision for your life, love, and legacy.

As a Badass Babes™ member, you get immediate access to The Badass Blueprint™, my core philosophy and proven process for getting brilliant results.

The Blueprint brings together the secrets behind how I built multiple six- and seven-figure businesses, found financial freedom, and came to travel like I have, even how to ride a motorcycle! In it, I share the same tools I’ve taught NYC powerhouse executives on how to achieve their personal and professional goals, and it is the same work that brought Terry, Marge and Alisia (among many, many others) such dramatic and speedy results.

We discover what’s a MUST for your life, in whatever area you choose!

Then, we take it from Vision to Action, through the I. AM. Badass system. (See what I did there? 😉 )

The Blueprint meets you where you are, and can be applied to any part of your life: 

Step 1: Imagine (I) – We start by owning your badass brilliance and claiming your big vision. What is the impact you MUST have? And what do you want it to have on you? What do you want to give back?

Step 2: Align (A) – We’ll align the people, resources, and skills required to put your vision in motion.

Step 3: Map (M) – Map out the necessary, practical actions for bringing your vision to life, and give you the support to schedule, complete, and celebrate them all!!

For me, predictable success has always been a combination of the profound and the practical. You can’t just rely on the law of attraction. The universe will bring you all kinds of amazing things, but if you don’t do the work of allowing it in, you will never receive it, right?

The law of allowance, to me, is bigger than the law of attraction. The Badass Blueprint teaches you how to use both. Anyone can follow this blueprint.

The Badass Blueprint™ is its own standalone course, complete with video tutorials, scripts, strategies and worksheets.

But it’s not a one-and-done. You could take it and muddle through on your own…. Heck, you could be a member for a month, take The Badass Blueprint™ and run.

Going through the Blueprint, in circle with your fellow Badass Babes™ and supported by yours truly will get you brilliant results, fast.

And then you’ll go next-level with it. Membership takes you through learning to application. You’ll apply the Blueprint again and again, to different areas of your life.

Which is why I embedded The Badass Blueprint™ within the community and ongoing support you receive as a member.


is a revolutionary mastermind format unique to Badass Babes™.

Built on my vast experience as a coach and a 12-stepper, you’ll brilliantly crowdsource solutions to your most pressing challenges.

But unlike a typical mastermind, we’re not there to tell each other what “should” be done. We’re there to offer our experience, strength, and hope.

You bring a challenge to the Badass Brainstorm™ and then the rest of the cohort, one at a time, will weigh in with an experience, resource, or encouragement that might help you. So you walk away with awesome resources and support. And then you do the same thing for the next person in the cohort as they present their challenges.


The Badass Babes™ Squad

Private Facebook Group

In a private Facebook community, you’ll connect with your sister Badass Babes™. I’ll post regular FB Lives where I give deeper insights into The Badass Blueprint™ and share daily tips and strategies for bringing your visions to life!

The community is remarkable. We’ve supported each other in getting through COVID, and changing business models, and moving across the country. One gal that was part of the group relapsed, and got sober again. Another one is on a super health journey, and we support her all the time in that.


You’ll find profound connections, lifelong friendships, and killer support and encouragement.

Badass Breakthroughs™

A featured monthly masterclass on breaking through to better health, wealth, business, and relationships, led by me and my guest experts.

Badass Boosts

All of the curated content shared in the Facebook group and on the website will be gathered in a resource library, including articles, videos, music, talks and other inspirational nuggets.

Badass Bazaar

A directory of all of our members, as well as a section in the Facebook group dedicated to your brags, where you can put links to your businesses, brag about what you’re up to and connect with one another.

Badass Swag

Wear your badassery with pride! You’ll have Badass Babes™ mugs, socks, journals, and more to choose from.


Once a year, we’ll meet for a loooong, luxurious weekend to reawaken our inner badass, reignite our purpose, and unleash our passion and vision!! As a member of Badass Babes™, you’ll receive a steep discount on tickets (including one for a friend!) to this transformative event!

Why NOW is the best time to join Badass Babes™

This extraordinary time, if it’s done anything, it’s to push us to reconsider our “up‑til‑now” normal.

“What if I have to do something different?”

And if so, “What have I been doing up until now
that isn’t even really me?”

This transformative time is an opportunity to shed old stories and create a vision that's based on what you really, really, REALLY want.

There is no better time than the present to take a stand for your badass vision and babe-licious self.

Join today

With everything that’s included with Badass Babes™, the value is over the top.

AND, I wanted to make this membership accessible to everyone.
So membership is only an unbelievable:


The first 100 Badass Babes™
who pay in full will get LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP and swag to go with it!

Click here, now, and join the ranks of Badass Babes™: