If you’re a woman at a crossroads in life who wants more —

To BE more, EXPERIENCE more, and IMPACT more

you've come to the right place!

It's time to get

Crystal Clear

on what you want for your life, to find answers to "What now??" and "What's next??"

The good news is, no matter where you are on your journey, you can start RIGHT NOW to get the results in life that you really want. 

It just takes


Confidence, and a proven course

of action

to get there, and I’ve got just the tools for all of that and more!! 

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Badass Blueprint™:

The Secret Path To A Kickass Life!

a 39-page guide that includes:


3 Secrets To Unleash Your Inner Badass:

How to access your unstoppable brilliance


The Wheel of Life:

Zero in on the areas of life that call to you to "level up"


Power Rituals:

How to start every day with energy, focus, and a clear plan


Vision, Alignment, & The Magic Action Plan:

The core elements to a kickass life


The 5-Step Mindfulness Method:

Find calm, clarity, and insight for the right action and results!!

It’s time to bring your dreams


Hey there!

I am on a mission to help women of all ages embrace who they are, own their “stuff,” and move powerfully forward to make their impact in the world! 

I have coached thousands of people over the last 20 years and proven that your “breakthrough” in life doesn’t have to take forever, or cost you everything— it just takes determination, guidance, and a kickass squad of fellow badasses cheering you on! 

Receiving this Badass Blueprint is a great first step in the direction of your dreams, and I can’t wait to celebrate you on the journey!! 

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