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If I went back to 1989 and told a 32-year-old me that opening a dating service franchise would be the first step in a journey that leads to running a community of fierce and fabulous women over fifty to unleash their inner badass, she’d say



The Journey

From a multi-million dollar franchise owner to

Badass Babe Squad Leader

Has not been an easy one.

And, honestly, it wasn’t always a successful one. Five years after launching the franchise, it crashed and burned.  Not because I wasn’t passionate, and not even because I couldn’t get clients, but because I didn’t learn the financial side fast enough to get ahead of the curve. Numbers were intimidating so I focused instead on sales and outstanding service, because that’s what I did best. It didn’t work. I couldn’t out-sell a limited business model and I realized my relationship with money overall needed to drastically change. It was a wake-up moment.

I couldn’t keep relying on just charm and sales skills to make it through life.

I needed to confront and transform how I embraced wealth and success and get out of the wicked cycle of just making it, never having quite enough—no matter how much I earned.  Trust me, you can have a multi-million dollar business and be broke. Flat Broke. 

So I went into the financial services and mortgage business, and started doing the work of getting a real education on how money works, and along the way, finally learned how to attract and accept more than enough of everything—skills, talents, AND money.  

I learned a lot

but I hated the industry I was in, so I began zealously researching my career options. In 2003, at the age of 42, I launched my coaching business on the side, and within 6 months, had it up and running as a stand-alone business.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve life-changing career goals, taught thousands more how to be mindful, impactful leaders, and authored 3 books. (Sometimes, it still amazes me that I have done this.)

Looking back, there were three major steps that gave me the chance to grow and succeed.

First, I needed to recognize my self-imposed limitations. Second, I needed to invest in my own development to overcome those limits, and third, I needed to be authentically me and let the world see me for who I am. Now, there is no more justifying, avoiding, or hiding—I’m living out loud

I’ve done some cool stuff in my life, and I want more. I want to be more, experience more, impact more. I want to be bold (even if I don’t always know what that means for me). I want to have fun, try new things, and take my life up a few notches.

Maybe you do too?

You have a vision for your life.

and I'm just so damn sure that you can do it that I went ahead and built a community to support your journey.

In this community, your vision doesn’t have to be anything other than what really calls you. I want you to feel empowered. Not in a cheesy, buzzword kind of way. I want you to feel truly, deeply supported by this community of badass women who will passionately and wholeheartedly champion your success.

And if you've read this far, thank you.

I’m only a few steps ahead of you on this journey and I know we can get there together. So, I hereby invite you to break from mediocre routine and remember who you really are. 
You can start by repeating after me:

This is my time.

I'm ready for brilliant results.